Warping reel

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  • Manufacturer: GLIMAKRA
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Well warped loom is half of the success.  Traditional wooden warping reels (sometimes called mills) are a three dimensional, rotating frame with four sections. They turn on a central axel for winding the warp. The turning is very smooth and requires only a gentle push. Using a warping reel is the fastest and most accurate way to wind a warp. For winding a warp with 2, 3 or more threads at a time, the reel will be easier to use than a warping frame. Glimakra reels fold to take less space when not in use. A cross piece for winding the cross is removable and the dowel at the other end has many possible positions, so a warp of any length can be made. A second cross piece is available for making a second cross. For most weaving one cross is sufficient, but the second cross can be used for making warps double length so that two bouts can be wound at the same time. The table reel is put on a low table or you can put the table reel on the floor and sit on a chair to wind your warp. Extra cross pieces are also stocked.

3 sizes available:

120 cm high, 2,5 m reel (table)

195 cm high, 3 m reel

195 cm high, 4 m reel

Produced by: Glimakra

Waiting time: approx. 2 weeks