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Harp Forte Rigid Heddle Looms by Kromski are great for beginners to weaving and experianced weavers who want to use up odd bits of yarn. Nothing special is required, normal knitting yarns work well in addition to the more traditional weaving yarns.
They are best suited to the smaller projects of scarves, cushion covers, rugs.  With the single post warping method they can be set up quite quickly. Add on a second heddle block and with two heddles simple pattern work can be produced. 
These looms are made and finished to a very high standard, the scroll finish and turned wooden fittings all contribute to the quality of care taken in the manufacture. 
The loom fods up with the warp in place for transportation and storage.
Clamps for table fixing and warping posts included.Comes with a 8 dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, a threading hook, 2 clamps, a warping peg and warping board pegs.
All looms incorporate a set of pegs for converting the loom into a warping frame. and warping peg for single post warping method.
The frame is pre-drilled to take a second heddle block as a later add on. 

5, 10 and 12 dent heddles/reeds are also available, see the Kromski accessories page.

The loom can be fixed to the table with clamps or You can use speciall stand.
The stand is not included. You can buy it seperatly.

Sold in box for self montage.

Weaving width: 80 cm

Full technical details at:
Assembly Instructions

Assembly video  http://www.kromski.com/the-harp,144.htm 

Please Note that with Kromski looms there is not any instructions on how to weave. Please use books and videos that give excellent detailed instructions on how to set and use this type of loom.

Prepayment required

Waiting time: approx. 2 weeks

Produced: Kromski